Back pain tutorials and research project

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Just a reminder there is a lot of information about low back pain on Churack Chair website including PowerPoint summaries and a comprehensive module. Also notes on neck pain. Also google our painchecker application for our checklist approach. Just follow the prompts for log in.

  • Finally I have an idea for an ultrasound research project for chronic back pain looking at developing nerve blocks for lateral branch of dorsal lumbar rami. Let me know if anyone one is interested.





2 thoughts on “Back pain tutorials and research project

  1. Dear Professor Visser, I had a L4 – L5 discectomy and laminectomy in June 2016. I have been suffering from chronic pain ever since. At the moment the only relief I get is from opioid medication. I would love to be considered for the back pain trial that you will be conducting next year.
    Kind regards
    Melanie Linsdell

  2. Hi I just saw your story on back pain nerve block and I am very interested to do a trial.L4&l5 are my problem areas and the middle of my back between shoulder blades.I do also have a curve in my spine. I used to have laser accupunture but the doctor has since retired.Most mornings it hard to get out of bed and turning over is painfull.When my back fully goes I can’t move.i take anti inflamitaries and muscle relaxance when it is at its worst. This affects my daily life and work as well .can’t sit for too long and walking and standing for any length of time is a nightmare. Hope you will conside me for this treatment .Much appreciated Mrs Natalie Naisbitt

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