Due to demands on both the individual practitioners and the whole health system during the COVID-19 pandemic, PainScience has undergone major changes in its operations.

If you are looking for our normal information page, it is located here

These are likely to continue for the duration of the pandemic, as follows:


Consultations will be limited to phone based consultations unless otherwise deemed necessary. As per the new Medicare phone consultation and Telehealth requirements, these consultations will be bulk billed during the COVID-19 pandemic

Acute pain inpatient management services will be maintained for the emergency operations that continue to be performed at Joondalup Health Campus


As per government guidelines during the pandemic, no procedures will be available for public or private patients


Staffing resources are limited, as a number of staff are now being used to treat sick patients at Joondalup Health Campus in other capacities as required to care for as many patients as possible. We will try and maintain, where practical, a specialist service for pain management, but resources for this will be limited for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.