PainScience provides training in pain medicine.

Palliative medicine: We are affiliated with Dr Dereck Eng and the palliative medicine team at St John of God Hospital, Subiaco which is a diploma-acredited training site of ChPM (RACP).

Addiction medicine: Dr Craig Connelly ChAM (RACP) is part of our multi-disciplinary team and we will share teaching clinics for our respective trainees.

PainScience offers a training program for WA FPM pain medicine trainees and Fellows every second Friday afternoon (as timetabled).

  • Friday tutorial programme
  • Trainees can sit in with consultants for long case training.
  • Trainees are welcome to participate in the formal tutorial program.
  • It is expected that trainees will help prepare material including
    • Tutorial topics
    • Clinical cases
    • Past exam questions
  • Other sessions are will be arranged during the year (e.g.  radiology, psychiatry, palliative care and allied health).
  • Pain education meetings will be organised at St John of God Hospital Subiaco quarterly following the regional FPM business meeting.

Tutorial and Journal Club Timetable

PainScience Trainee Orientation

Educational resources, notes and lectures will be archived on the Churack Chair education resources page.