Tutorial 2: Types of pain

17 March 2017


Critical review of the definition of pain based on the IASP

  1. What is the etymology of the word ‘pain’?
  2. How is pain viewed in other languages & cultures? (punishment vs ‘hurting’)
  3. How do you define ‘suffering? (pain vs suffering)
  4. Do animals experience pain?

Types of pain

5. Classify the different types of pain. (aetiology, pathology, mechanisms, systems, timing)

6. Define: nociception, allodynia, hyperalgesia, hyperpathia, phantom-pain, referred-pain.

7. What is mean by the term ‘wind-up’?

8. Devise a table comparing acute vs chronic pain.

9. Devise a table comparing somatic vs visceral pain.

Suggested tasks and resources:

-Check FPM (and ‘foundations’) curriculum for related topics and definitions.


-Check past examination questions.

See Churack Chair website for information & pdfs:

about painhttp://www.nd.edu.au/churack/education

-What is pain?

-Pain concepts and definitions.

-Types of pain.






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