Tutorial 3: Chronic Headaches

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  • Review old exam questions.
  • Review FPM curriculum.
FPM curriculum 3.7 Headache and orofacial pain Headache, facial and dental pain are among the most common pain disorders. Almost half of the adult population have headache at least once a year. Headache disorders are associated with the major personal and societal burdens of pain and disability. Only a minority of people with headache disorders are appropriately diagnosed; headache is an underestimated and undertreated problem throughout the world. More than 10 per cent of people have migraine, while medication overuse headache may affect up to 5 per cent of some populations. A number of specific headache and facial pain disorders may be identified based on careful clinical assessment.


  1. What is the definition of chronic daily headache. What does the IHS say?
  2. What are the elements of a headache-focused focus POPE (long case prep)?
  3. Apply the T.I.N.T mnemonic to red flags for headache
  4. List the main pain sensitive structures in the head and neck
  5. What is the role of the V-C2/3 nucleus?
  6. List the four main types of CDH according to IHS
  7. What are the main causes of CDH?
  8. Discuss medication overuse headache
  9. How should we treat MOH (inpatient, outpatient)
  10. Discuss migraine prophylaxis
  11. Discuss cluster headache and TACs
  12. Discuss cervicogenic headache and post head-trauma headache

Eric Visser